Peon Games

Peon is a guessing game that used to be played during the annual mourning ceremonies. Today, peon can be played at any type of Indian gathering or fiesta. Four member opposing teams of either men or women play. Similar to “hand games”, each player has two peon bones (one black and one white) made from coyote or deer leg bones. A band of rawhide is strapped in the middle of the stick which is slipped over the player’s wrist.

Which traditional peon songs are sung by the players and backers, players hold up a blanket with their teeth to prevent the opposing team from seeing where one player is hiding the peons. Then the player folds his hands, the opposing team can then begin guessing the location of the black and white peons.

Winning game sticks are distributed by the referee. Demanding both wit and skill, the winning team must capture 15 game sticks to claim victory. This is a game of concentration, strategy and planning. One game can last a few hours, or extend on until early morning hours.


Saturday, Sept 23rd at Dusk